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Dimitrios Egglezos

by Marianna Mastrostamati

Translated by Mary Eliopoulou 1st revision of the translation (10/04/2010)

In the 1930s, the Alatsateans in any place they lived they establish associations. In Attica, various associations established, in Kokkinia, in Rentis and in New Erythraia region. In Athens, in September of 1932, the association "Union of Alatsata in Athens” was established, situated at the 7th Zinodotou street, in Athens, Pangrati and as honorary President of the Council Homer Rokas .

Since 1936, the “Union of Alatsata in Athens” publishes the newspaper “Alatsata”, with the cooperation of Fanis Kleanthis and Mimis Mandaris, who are bearing to be the founders and the owners of the newspaper..At that time, the newspaper’s offices were situated at the 1st Byron Street, at the municipality of Byron. Later Byron street was renamed to Ellispontou street.

From October of the year 1940, when Greece was under German occupation and during the civil war, the Association’s operation was terminated. In April of the year 1947 and after the desperate efforts of the last President of the Council Mr. Yiamadakis, the Association operates again but definitely terminates its activities in the early of 1950s. Many of the members of the “Union of Alatsata, in Athens” will then join in the new Association with the new title, Alatsatean Association "The Entry of Theotokos into the Temple”, with its offices in the municipality of Egaleo, in Attica. During the General Assembly of the Founders of the Association the first Statute of the Association as from the 5th May 1946 was approved, (bearing the serial number 3227 and with number 8036/14-11-1946 decision of Athens First Instance).

In the 27th April 1947, the first elections of the Association were held and its first Administrative Council was elected, consisted of: 
Dimitrios Egglezos, President - Nikos Karagiannis, Vice President - Karageorghis George, General Secretary - Kontogiannis George, Treasurer. As Consultants to this Administrative Council were: Anna Rizou - Lathoura, Alecos Christofis or Kordis and Konstantinos Tsemperlis. The offices of the Association were housed at the 10th Vasilissis Olgas street, Egaleo, Attica.

Besides the aims of the preservation of historic memories of Alatsata city, the activities of the Association include: Relieving the families of the members, from their poor economic condition of the postwar in Greece, in various ways, thus, books and stationery provided to the students, all children participate in summer camps during their summer school holidays, they establish deposit accounts (Dowry Accounts) for the creation of a dowry for the girls and they mediate for strengthening the poor and needy families by receiving the aid packages from the Alatsatean families who domiciled in Somerville of Massachusetts, in United States of America.

In 1948, with the cooperation of the Associations of Athens and Nikaia, the newspaper “News of Alatsata’’ was published. Publishers were Margaritis Chatzialexis, at 6th Aeschylus street, in Kokkinia and Spyros Vaggos, at 223th Alexandras Avenue, Athens. Since 1948, the newspaper ''Echo of Alatsata” in a magazine format was edited. Responsible of the edition was Dimitrios Egglezos, at the 5th Makris street, Egaleo, Attica.

After Dimitrios Egglezos death in 1964, Alexander Christofis takes over with a five-year term. After his death and during the elections of 1970, Diamandis Ioannou Karagiannis was elected as the President, with two-year term. In 1972, Nicholaos Katimertzis was elected as the President of the Administrative Council. In the 10th of November 1972, the Council took the decision to rent the building of the 84 Markou Botsari street, Egaleo, Attica, for housing the offices of the Association.

Then, the Association for its housing needs, will rent the building at the corner of Riga Fereou and Pergamou streets. The elections of 1976 brings Alexander Vlachakis to the presidency, for two years term. Nikos Katimertzis shall resume the presidency in the elections of December 1978.

Until his death, in 1985, Nikos Katimertzis tirelessly served the purposes of the Alatsatean Association. He organized excursions to Alatsata. He took care for the erection of the monument for the « Alatsatean brothers who died an unjust death».

The unveiled of the monument was made the 21st November 1983, by Constantinos Tsolakas LT General of the 3rd Army Corps and honorary chief of GΕΕTHΑ (Hellenic National Defense General Staff), whose the origin was from Alatsata city. The 21st November is the date that the Orthodox church and our Association according to its annual tradition are celebrating the “Entrance of Theotokos into the Temple”. Until our times, the monument adorns the Peace square and the municipality of Egaleo.

After Nicholaos Katimertzis death in the 1985, Efthalia Hatzipetrou, who was then vice president, temporarily will serve as the President. Then, Ioannis Christofis who received the majority of the votes during the last elections of the Association, in December the 1985, invited the members of the Association, for new electoral procedures during which, Ioannis Pavitsos was elected President of the Council. He continuously will serve the aims of the Association until 1999. During his presidency, the Association acquired its own offices, that are still situated at the 5th Dipylou street, Athens, Greece.
Then, the elections of January 2000, brought Marianna Mastrostamati in the presidency of the Council for a two year term. During her presidency the annual excursions to Alatsata in Turkey were revived. Also, the author Fanis N. Kleanthis, he kindly offered the rights to the Alatsatean Association for re-publishing his book with the title "Alatsata, my lost homeland" as a donation to the Association. The Member Cynthia Alex Mytara from Somerville of Massachusetts, at her own expenses assumed the re-editing and bookbinding of the new edition. In the 21st November 2000, the author Fanis N. Kleanthis was declared by the Association as an Honorary President of the Alatsatean Association and the Member Cynthia Alex Mytara as a Great Benefactor.

After the elections of January 2003, Ioannis Pavitsos assumes the presidency until January 2008, when Photini Maria Eliopoulou was elected as the new President of the Council of the Association. The creation and construction of the Association’s web site was done during her presidency.
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