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Author: Marianna Mastrostamati

The Governor of the Nahiyah of Alatsata was appointed by the Ottoman government baring the rank of "Mountouri" and was under the command a "Tsaousi" and five "zaptiedes" (policemen).

These were appointed by the Ottomans and were the upper administrative structure of the city.

Local communities were governed by a Council of Elders (Δημογεροντία). Each of the three districts of the city, the upper, the lower and middle elected an elder for a three years period. These Elders, were responsible for the administration of the community. They had to handle the entire fiscal and economic affairs of the city; they promoted justice based on persuasion and compromise on the differences on any other issue raised. Excluding imprisonment, the Council of Elders had the right to impose fines. Before them, the marriage contracts and the wills were signed, based on the Turkish Land Registry. By 1865 the elders had the task of allocating the poll tax and property of every citizen and for their collection. In 1865 appointed by the Ottoman administration "taxintarides" (public tax collectors) and the distribution of taxes was given to the Council of Elders of the Kaza of Cesme.

The controversy caused between the two communities concerning the unfair distribution of taxes resulted in the posting Alatsata from the kaza of Cesme under the Kaza of Smyrna. In the meetings of the Counsil of Elders presided was the Metropolitan (formerly Bishop) substituted by an Ecclesiastic Commissioner. In the recent years the community attempted to reverse the repetition of the election of the same people who always came from the ranks of prominent citizens.

Notable citizens were also the ones that were put by the Council of Elders as Trustees of the Temples. The status quo was overturned but the new Council of Elders, which was derived from emerging social strata, but it passed quickly superseded by the Kadi of Smyrna, on charges of slandering the former. The previous elders returned.

The Municipality of Alatsata was officially established in 1879 with a six-member elected City Council and Mayor was appointed the Kaymakam. The staff of the municipal council was a doctor, secretary, clerk, the town crier, cleaning staff and a lamplighter. Until the year 1900 the Mayor was Turkish and from 1900 to 1922 a Greek.

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